Advertising Opportunities

The craft beer market is expanding and the average consumer is becoming far more diverse. When the average consumer of craft beer lives within 10 miles of a brewery, visibility for your brand is very important!

We offer 2 ways to advertise to our site visitors. If you are a brewery owner or operator you can take advantage of the Featured Listing Program. We also accept Display (or banner) ads from breweries or for beer-related content that may be of interest to our readers and voters.

Featured Listings Program

We list breweries free of charge as a courtesy to users looking for great, local, craft beer. However, you can make your listing stand out from the crowd in one of two ways:

Site Featured Listing

If you elect to feature your brewery at the site level your brewery will be linked from the homepage of the site to your info and review page. Additionally, on the county list of breweries, you will be listed above all others, including those that have opted to be featured in the category/county. On the county page, your listing will be highlighted to draw attention to your listing.

We only allow for a maximum of 3 breweries to be site-featured each month, and only 1 from each county.

Category Featured Listing

When you opt to feature your brewery in the category/county level your listing will display below any site featured listing and above any non-featured breweries. Your listing will also be highlighted to draw attention to your brewery.

We only allow for a maximum of 2 breweries to be category-featured each month and the listing order will also be alphabetical.

Display Ads Program

On every page on the site we provide the option to purchase display ads for your brewery or beer-related product or service. Banners at the top and bottom of pages are 728x90 for desktop, laptop, or tablets and 320x100 for mobile devices. You can target mobile vs non-mobile or supply ads for both formats.

On county/category pages we provide the options of large rectangles of 336x280 for desktop, laptop, or tables and 320x100 for mobile. Again, you can select to target specific platforms or supply ads for both formats.

All display ads can be purchased as dedicated on a monthly basis or will otherwise rotate with other advertisers.

Grow your business with us!